The Art Of Effortless Posture: 5 Tips For Long Two-Wheeler Journeys

Motorcycle enthusiasts often plan road trips, but back pain can be a significant hindrance. Maintaining proper riding form is crucial to preventing discomfort during long rides. Here are five tips to ensure a correct posture on extended two-wheeler journeys.

Five Pointers For Proper Bike Riding Form:

  1. Don’t Slouch: It is ideal to avoid slouching, whether sitting in your office chair or riding a bike. During an extended and exhausting bike ride, it is practically every day for the rider’s body to sag. But you have to choose to stay away from it deliberately. When riding, keep your posture straight. Over time, it will aid in the prevention of back discomfort.
  2. Manage Body Weight: Maintaining balance on a bike can be challenging, particularly on sports bikes where the seating position leans the body forward, shifting weight onto the hands. This can lead to discomfort in the fingers, wrists, and forearms. To alleviate this, control your body weight and ensure proper riding balance.
  3. Refuel And Re-energise: Taking breaks during a long bike ride is crucial for your well-being. Refuel by stopping, activating, and doing simple hand and neck exercises. Even on shorter journeys, like a ten-kilometre ride, sitting on the bike and incorporating quick stretches can help maintain posture and re-energize.
  4. Make Braking And Switching Smooth: Motorcycle riders often face challenges with constantly using the clutch, brakes, and gears, leading to limb discomfort. The repetitive pressing, releasing, and shifting actions require coordination and can wear out your hands and legs. Keeping your bike in optimal condition ensures smooth gear changes and braking, preventing discomfort and limb aches.
  5. Choose Comfortable Clothes: Put yourself in a three-piece suit and picture yourself riding a bike for four hours. Do you realise that it won’t be comfortable? Wearing too-tight clothing or coats in the summer or making other poor fashion choices can make for an uncomfortable bike ride. When going for a lengthy bike ride, dress comfortably. But this is not the same as avoiding safety gear. Keep in mind that comfortable gear won’t impede your safety.

Motorcycle Insurance: An Essential For All Riders
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